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"If you want to feel relief and security on your wedding day...hire this guy here! And as an added bonus he's funny! I enjoyed my wedding day in every which way and months following up to the big day because of Dennis".

Ashley L.

What our clients are saying about us

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I’m not the photographer that is constantly telling everyone to stop and pose, where to stand, even how to feel. I just want you to enjoy your day and be yourselves. I don’t want you or any guest to leave every time I walk in the room because I am too pushy. Don’t hire “that” photographer, yes, they are out there. I am interested in your family, not “my” style.

To me, wedding photography is more than a portfolio. Aside from your spouse-to-be, your photographer will be with you more than any other person on your wedding day. Crazy, huh? Of all of the awards, accolades and credentials that I have achieved in my career, we take the most pride in being the easiest, hassle free, photographers that you can possibly work with.

At Kiss the Bride Studio you only pay for what you need or want. There is never any up-selling like other companies. We believe the Bride and Groom should never be pushed into buying images of their special day. Kiss the Bride Studio is the most friendly, easy going, hassle free photography company in the NY area. We ALWAYS put our clients first. 

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"My wife and I did a lot of research before selecting a photographer, we have a friend that recommended Dennis from Kiss the Bride Studio. All I can say is we were very pleased with our finished product, also Dennis made us feel very comfortable on our wedding day"

Gary F.

"We felt very secure having Dennis with us from start to finish. He took care of every detail and captured a TON of candid shots! We were very Pleased"

Michele L.

Dennis has a natural ability to see the beauty in everyone and everything and truly uses the camera as his third eye.

Rafelina D.

Kiss the Bride Studio is always Hassle free photography